A small town in the Brecillian Passage, Vintiver is just days away from Gwaren, a well-to-do port city in the eastern regions of Ferelden.

Two weeks before the heroes arrived, Vintiver was rocked by riots, caused by an argument between the town blacksmith and a travelling Dalish elf during Vintiver’s harvest festival. Since then, the mood in Vintiver has been sour, and people have started to go missing. To make things worse, strange creatures have been spotted in the forests outside the city’s walls. Some say they’re a new breed of darkspawn. Others say they are demons conjured up by the elves, a punishment meted upon the small town for the riot Coalan the blacksmith and the elf started.

Vintiver has a small Chantry, kept by Sister Arda, a hard-working and sentimental woman. Unlike many back-water Sisters, Sister Arda genuinely cares about everyone she meets, including elves and non-believers.

The town has no real elf population to speak of, beyond the aging Orellis and his family, who manage to keep food on the table by helping the Chantry out whenever they can, or by chopping wood for elderly villagers.


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