No Rest for Ferelden

The Dalish Curse: Part 1
Murder, riots, and hatred threaten to destroy the small town of Vintiver

While travelling from the city of Gwarren, our heroes came across the burning ruins of a small farmstead, which they would later discover to be owned by the Fuldor family, outside the small town of Vintiver. They discovered the mutilated corpses of the family that lived there, and the unconscious body of a mysterious elven woman, as well as the word, “Elgar’nan” written in blood on the walls, before being attacked by blight wolves.

After slaying the beasts, the heroes took the elf woman to the Chantry in Vintiver, and discovered that only two weeks ago, the quiet town had been rocked by violent riots, and that in the days following, people had gone missing and darkspawn had been sighted in the woods.

While caring for the woman, the local blacksmith, Coalan, rallied a mob of angry men and women with the intent of lynching her, having decided that she was responsible for the deaths of the Fuldor family, and possibly the source of the elfin curse they believe to have brought darkspawn to their home. Paolo, an antivan crow, diffused the situation by skillfully beating Coalan in a battle of words.

After the mob dispersed, the elf awoke. She told the heroes that her name was Eshara, and that her tribe of elves had been captured by a foul creature calling itself Elgar’thalan, the Child of Vengeance in the ancient tongue of the elves.

Knowing that the lives of both elves and men are at stake, the heroes agree to follow Eshara into the Brecilian Forest to slay Elgar’thalan and free her people.

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