No Rest for Ferelden

The Dalish Curse: Part 2

After deciding to help free Eshara’s people from the Child of Vengeance, the heroes decided to prepare for their dangerous journey.

Pier, the Orlesian warrior, had fallen for Eshara’s elfin grace, and staid with her through the night in the Chantry, to make sure that her she was safe from the angry villagers of Vintiver.

Aegis the dwarf and Paolo the assassin fell ill, and Sister Arda declared that they had nug flu, a rare, but by no means deadly, sickness, and that they should spend the next day resting, and not adventuring.

Mathius the apostate met Ete, an Avvarian hillswoman, and Felgrand, a Nevvarran mercenary, and asked them to come along on the search for the Child of Vengeance, promising them a cut of the loot. They agreed, the shine of gold in their eyes.

In the morning, they set off, but as they left the gates, Coalan and a few villagers he’d rounded up attacked the heroes. Coalan was badly hurt, and as their leader fell, the villagers scattered. Felgrand took Coalan back to the chantry, so that Sister Arda could dress his wounds.

After hours of wandering the dark woods, the party came upon the burnt remnants of the elf caravan. Some of the wagons still smoldering. They were ambushed by strange creatures, twisted elves with talon-like claws. The party slew the foul creatures, though they were badly hurt, and needed to rest. Felgrand discovered tracks leading into the woods, which were surely left by the kidnapped elves and their monstrous captors.

They followed the tracks to a ravine, and as they tried to cross a fallen tree, they were attacked by horrible crow-like monsters. Arrius’ mabari, Malum, was almost killed. The war dog survived, though one of his eyes was plucked out in the fight.

After dressing their wounds, they travelled onward, to the edge of a great valley. Through the trees, they could see the remnants of an ancient fortress. Eshara identified it as the ruin she had escaped from. The party made camp for the night, wanting to be as fit and ready as possible in the morning.

What will they find in the ruined fortress? Will they be able to save Eshara’s tribe?

Will they finally meet the Child of Vengeance?



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