The nation of Ferelden is in turmoil.

In the span of mere decades, the bonds of Orlesian rule have been cast off, kings and queens have died at the hands of assassins and darkspawn, and the capital, Denerim, burned in the final battle in the ninth Blight to threaten the existence of all Thedas.

The times are changing for the nation, perhaps too quickly for the simple, hardy Fereldans to react.

Alistair, the current king, is a bastard, and some see him as an illegitimate heir who has usurped the throne of better candidates.

At the behest of the Grey Wardens, the order of the Templars has been excised from their control over the Circle Tower, leaving the mages to police themselves, and inspiring apostates to grow more bold.

Rumors grow of darkspawn who speak, unnatural beings made all the more abominable, who wield horrific magical power.

Wicked cults spread across the nation, luring upstanding folk in lives of depredation and blasphemy.

Out of this chaos, a group of heroes rises. They are all bound by the same commonality; they are outsiders, every one.

And yet, the fate of Ferelden, possibly all the lands of Thedas, rests within their grasp.

No Rest for Ferelden